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The latest generation of Dolphin cleaners pairs award-winning design with over 30 years of technological leadership. The result is a full line of residential cleaners with unmatched cleaning performance and a smart set of features designed specifcally to meet the real-world challenges of our customers.
Costing as little as 5 cents an hour to operate, Dolphin cleaners are incredibly energy efficient and offer an eco-friendly option for automated pool cleaning.

Robotic Scanning
Maytronics has been a global leader in robotic scanning technology for a quarter century. When you drop a Dolphin in your pool, it doesn't just randomly bounce around the pool floor. Dolphins use advanced robotic technology to determine the dimensions of your pool and then apply systematic scanning patterns to clean the entire pool. That's the floor, cove, walls, and waterline! There is a Dolphin suited for every size and shape of in-ground pool and they work on all types of pool surfaces.

In additional to lower energy usage, your Dolphin filters the water while it collects debris in its self-contained filter, so you can reduce the need to backwash your pool filter by as much as 30%, while improved water circulation and filtration may also reduce your chemical needs. Dolphin cleaners save you time, save you money, and help conserve energy. It's good for you... and the environment!